​Golden Fingers Thai Massage​  -

511 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland 

Phone : 09 845 6286

Mobile :   021 654 511 

611 New North Road, Morningside, Auckland

Phone : 09 846 1561   

Mobile :   027 728 7463

We Do Not Offer Any Sexual Services , Commercial or otherwise.

We are seeking staff experienced in Thai massage. Contact us with your CV,

Closed until further notice.
Don't worry we will be back soon , we aren't going anywhere !
Stay safe , see you very soon we hope.
We welcome Ploy, Goong and Kan to our team !
Kan has worked in a hospital doing thai massage for over 10 years.
 Clothing supplied for Thai massages.


Thai massage is an active massage discipline. The patient usually lies on floor mats, and the therapist will move around them.


We use all natural products . We supply fresh linen and clean clothes to each and every customer.