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We Do Not Offer Any Sexual Services , Commercial or otherwise.

We are seeking staff experienced in Thai massage. Contact us with your CV,


Mam is qualified in Traditional Thai massage from the Thai Traditional Medicine Society, and also has a diploma in Relieving Symptoms. She has over 17 years of experience and loves her job.

*** Please note that Mam is available by appointment only.


Ollie has 13 years of medical massage experience  working in hospitals in Thailand, after extensive training. She worked with doctors to develop rehabilitation programs for individual patients , and is an expert at physical therapy. She has worked in NZ for 6 years.She was trained at Wat Pho, (the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, Bangkok)

Pim or "Mali"

Pim specialises in remedial massage.She trained extensively in medical massage , then worked as a therapist for more than 11 years at a hospital in Bangkok , and at the Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine.

She qualified at the Dept for Development of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine.

She is very experienced at finding  your pressure points and finding what your body needs to recover from injuries and disabilities.

Pakamon or "Pat"

Pat has worked as a thai masseuse for over 9 years. She worked in Cyprus for 2 1/2 years,and 2 years in South  Africa.

She qualified in Traditional Thai massage at the Thai Traditional Medical Services Society . Her speciality is deep tissue and traditional thai massage, body scrubs etc.

She does great thai neck massages!  She gives a very smooth and relaxing massage.


Lee has 9 years experience. She worked in Bangkok for 3 years , and 2 years in South Africa before joining us.

She specialises in traditional  thai massage and aromatherapy , hot stone ,deep tissue and sports massage.

She qualified in Traditional Thai massage at the Thai Traditional Medical Services Society .

Lee has a very strong pressure if you like that.


Yosita has worked for 12 years managing the massage studio in a super luxury 5 star hotel in the Maldives.

She is experienced in all types of massage , like Sports massage , Body Scrubs and pampering.  She studied and qualified as a yoga teacher in India also.

She will stretch you to your limits if you so desire !


Wi has 12 years  of experience working in luxury 5 star hotels in Thailand , Turkey and Macau as a licensed massage therapist , and has just joined our team.

She is a specialist in Chinese Pressure Point massage.She can provide massage therapy and body treatments like body scrubs , aromatherapy ,oil massages , Sports Massage with a professional and pleasant manner.

She qualified at the Thai Traditional Medical Services Society in Traditional Thai


Jeab   or "Gee-up"

Jeab has worked as a therapist for over 13 years.

She trained in Thai Traditional Medicine for 1,300 hrs with the Thai Ministry of Public Health , then worked in a hospital for them for 8 yrs.

She specialised in pregnancy massages , and pre and post natal maternal health. Thai people traditionally get a lot of massage while they are pregnant and afterwards.

She also worked with doctors to develop remedial programs for patients (therapeutic massages).

She is also qualified in full body spas.

She is skilled in deep tissue and fixing "office syndrome."






Work with us  - we are growing the team and looking for a qualified and  experienced therapist for a full or part time role. There is flexibility for the right person . We want a confident thereapist who knows how to give a great treatment . Preference give for NZ residents or citizens. If you are keen please contact us.